Training & Development

Charting the course on industry training

The Sector Council has over two decades of experience in the development and delivery of innovative industry-based training programs. Today, our role and priorities for industry training development include:

  • Defining training needs through research and consultation
  • Identifying, sourcing and adapting state-of-the-art programs
  • Ensuring competency-based programs and assessment options are developed and implemented
  • Designing, validating and pilot-testing new training programs
  • Recommending prioirites, subject matter and guidelines for future training deliveries

AHBRSC’s training heritage

Canada is recognized as a world leader in housing technology. We work with a variety of public and private partners to ensure the development and delivery of high quality, state-of-the-art training programs to support a more effective use of this technology in better building practices in the Atlantic Region.

Several courses developed by the Sector Council have become a standard for training elsewhere in Canada and have been delivered overseas.

  • In 1994, the Atlantic Housing Professional Studies (AHPS) course was taken to Russia as part of the Team Canada initiative to develop housing entrepreneurial skills among soldiers returning from military service.
  • The AHPS was used as the template for the development of the Home Builders’ Association management training program in Manitoba and updating of the comparable housing studies program for the HBA in Saskatchewan.
  • In 1996, our courses were included as part of a centre for Canadian educational and technical resources with a pilot renovation project in Lithuania.
  • In 2005, the AHBRSC participated in CHBA’s benchmarking initiative on residential industry accreditation to ensure that Atlantic Housing Professional Studies program met the National Education Benchmarks for New Home Builders and Renovators in Canada.

Working with our education and training partners

We are committed to cooperating with public and private education institutions to ensure an ongoing transfer of industry knowledge and expertise into their training programs. We view this as an opportunity to assist education and training providers in upgrading their industry curricula and the skills of their instructors.

Properly skilled workers build a stronger sector

In response to Labour Market Information (LMI) and industry direction, the AHBRSC provides services and support for research and consultations, development of occupational standards, and training delivery options for residential trades.
We liaise with our industry stakeholders, to cultivate a broadened access of industry association training to non-member companies, where this can enhance HR capacity in the sector as a whole and link to residential career paths.
We also coordinate and support development of new training and customization of existing training, as required and as appropriate for a broader sector audience.

As part of our three-year action plan, the Sector Council is committed to:

  • Develop competency-based occupational standards with quality Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment options
  • Review and contribute to improved apprenticeship planning and delivery
  • Establish protocols for industry updating of training programs
  • Document and address barriers to industry training participation
  • Support industry-based HR training, research and pilot new training
  • Make recommendations for new trades training programs
  • Benchmark skills for the manufactured housing sector and deliver a best practices report
  • Conduct preliminary scoping for a pilot immigration employment program for the sector

Where to access training

Check out these AHBRSC Training Partners

  • SkillsonlineNS (CoursePark)
  • NSCC Courses for Residential Trades