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Finding and keeping our most valuable resource

Demand-supply forecasts tell us that a long-term decrease in the supply of workers available to support the home building and renovation industry is occurring and will continue to grow worse over the next two decades. This is due to long term demographic trends, increasing retirements amongst the existing workforce and increasing competition among industries and regions for fewer and fewer workers. The AHBRSC works to develop and refine industry processes for recruiting, training and retaining the workforce necessary to meet the skilled trade and occupational labour needs of our industry today and in future. We are active in the following areas:

  • Communicating importance and best practices for retention
    As part of our mandate, the AHBRSC is exploring and communicating best practices for retention of existing workers, incentives to retain older workers, skills transfer strategies and succession planning.
  • Attracting new workers, including underrepresented groups
    Employers indicate that recruitment of new workers and retention of their current workers is a difficult and ongoing problem. Youth, women, Aboriginal populations and immigrants bring special opportunities for our sector, but each group faces particular barriers that can limit full participation. These barriers must be addressed and employers must develop and implement strategies to reach and welcome them if they are to enter and succeed in the industry. The AHBRSC is working with our sector partners to identify sources, barriers and opportunities for all new workers.

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