Additional sixteen certified in Nova Scotia pilot of the Residential Construction Site Manager Level 1 program

A joint initiative of the AHBRSC and the Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education (RPL & Labour Mobility, and WIPSI)

In partnership with Professional Home Builders Institute (PHBI) of Alberta, AHBRSC is in the 2nd phase of a pilot delivery of the Residential Construction Site Manager (RCSM) training and certification program for Nova Scotia (see our previous newsletter). In 2016-17, twenty-one individuals from eleven well-known residential construction companies completed the 20-week online training and received their Level 1 certification from PHBI. This year, another sixteen individuals from eight different companies completed the Level 1 certification. A combined class of twenty-one students are currently participating in the seven Level 2 courses, providing more in-depth exposure to the skills and knowledge required of residential project and site managers.

Nova Scotia model customized from Alberta’s
The initiative includes sharing and harmonizing the Alberta RCSM program with Nova Scotia, through the following:

  • Validating and customizing the program for the residential industry in Nova Scotia
  • Developing a Nova Scotia ‘credentialing model’ and ‘competency-based standard’ for the program
  • Validating and pilot-testing the delivery of Level 1 among a cross-section of residential construction employees — new construction, renovation, trade contracting, self-employed trades, and energy efficiency
  • Working with an industry Technical Working Group to develop assessment options that would recognize and credit existing skills and knowledge as an alternative path to RCSM certification that is based on Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
  • Recommending guidelines for ongoing delivery of Level 1, as well as pilot delivery of Level 2 in 2018-19 — with full support of Workplace Innovation and Productivity Skills Incentive (WIPSI) funding

Links to the new Nova Scotia RCSM materials and the RPL assessment process will be available early in 2019 through the AHBRSC website. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), with multiple assessment options to the more traditional final examination, is a key component of AHBRSC’s strategic action plan. It recognizes that many individuals working in the industry have high levels of skills but little if any formal education and certification. RPL provides an alternative path to certification for Level 2 courses for these individuals and their companies in the areas of: soils; plans, specifications and drawings; project management and supervision; leadership in safety excellence; construction performance guidelines; building codes; and, construction technology / moisture.

Program Funding Available

Until March 2019, the Workplace Innovation and Productivity Skills Incentive (WIPSI) can cover the full training delivery costs of $1000 + tax per participant for Level 1 training and $4500 + tax per participant for the seven Level 2 courses.

If you are interested in completing Level 1 and/or Level 2 of the Residential Construction Site Manager program, and to see if you are eligible for funding, please email Mary Kenny »

For more information on this program, and to watch a short introductory video, please visit the PHBI website »

RCSM Level 2 is being offered to Level 1 grads, but…

Level 1 program still available for new participants

As AHBRSC moves forward with delivery of PHBI’s RCSM Level 2 for the Level 1 graduates, we will also be offering a second delivery of RCSM Level 1 training. This Level is completed via supervised and supported online training, working at your own pace. For most students, it takes about 15 to 20 hours to complete. RCSM Level 1 Certification is a prerequisite for Level 2.

Full program funding is available
Since 2016, Nova Scotia’s sector councils are eligible to coordinate training delivery for their companies with funding available through the Workplace Innovation and Productivity Skills Incentive (WIPSI). As with the pilot delivery in 2016, full training costs can be covered — $1000 + tax per participant for Level 1, and $4500 + tax for the seven Level 2 courses. Any number of company employees can participate. If you are interested, please email Mary Kenny to confirm eligibility for the program and funding.

For more information on this program, and to watch a short introductory video, please visit the PHBI website.

Where to access training

Check out these AHBRSC Training Partners

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  • NSCC Courses for Residential Trades