The State of the Industry

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The AHBRSC is involved in developing a Labour Market Information (LMI) Model for our industry in order to chart our course forward to a sustainable future.

Our strategy in this effort is to:

  • Understand and benchmark where we are now
  • With industry employers, workers and associations, identify where we need to be
  • With all partners, provide industry leadership to get there

2014 LMI Benchmark Report

As part of these efforts, the AHBRSC commissioned a comprehensive research report on the state of our industry. The report takes a close examination of secondary data and examines both demand side indicators (gross domestic product, housing starts, forecasts) against various supply side factors (labour force characteristics, occupations, labour market conditions). Policy implications coming out of the report focus on:

  • Importance of Residential Building Certification (RBC)
  • Carpentry specialties
  • Recruitment
  • Succession
  • Renovations
  • Labour mobility

The report and user guide are available for download here:

Benchmark Report and LMI User Guide Residential Building Construction Nova Scotia – April 2014
» Download 17 Page Report (493 KB PDF)

LMI User Guide Residential Building Construction Nova Scotia – May 2014
» Download 4 Page Guide (143 KB PDF)

2011 Research and Reports

Training and Certification Needs Assessment for the Carpentry Trades – June 2011
» Download the 94 Page Report (1 MB PDF)

(PLAR) Prior Learning Assessment Recognition model development and testing – March 2011
» Download the 40 Page Document (1.2 MB PDF)